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up. Before porn videos going in to take a shower xnxx jav I tried one more time to get Chubby to open up, "You're sure everything's OK Chubby? I'd help you with any problem you might have, you know that... right?" He rubbed my japanese xnxx damp hair and xxxx said that I'd be the first person he'd turn to for help if he needed indian xnxx it, but he doesn't need any xnxx sex video at the moment. I wanted to hug him so much and to xnxx telugu tell him xnxx com how much he means to me... tell him sex video I love him. But xnnx instead I said, "Anytime... ...See ya in ten minutes, dude. Love ya bro!" Walking to xnxx video the Mall, Chubby was pissing and moaning about the way we have to walk every fucking place and how much we need to xnxx indian change that... "Our drivers license and a car are two priority fucking items for this summer Dylan. Nothing must get in our way. I'm sick of walking." I concurred and then we totaled-up how much money we'd accumulated so far... it would still be near the end of August before we could do the license, and the car, and the car gay xnxx insurance. Then we talked about our vacation coming up a week from yesterday... next Saturday we'd be in Wildwood and that conversation picked-up our spirits considerably. My Mom had switched vacation spots from Cape Cod to Wildwood... the Moms reasoned that it's really where we, the kids, wanted to go. Either place would have been fine with them. Actually, the xnxx tamil Cape cost sex more... so that further helped to convince them to switch. In The Mall we met Robbie and Dodger at the Fenway hotdog stand on the second level. The air-conditioning was a welcome relief from the heat... we got hot and a little sweaty walking over from our house. Dodger immediately jumps on my back like a little kid, saying, "Yuck, you're xnxx download sweaty Dylan". I could feel him rubbing his nose back and forth on the back of my neck, his arms around my throat and his legs locked around my waist. "You're sweaty but you smell soooooo good, Dylan. How'd ya manage that?" then he let go of my body and dropped to his feet. I turned around quickly and got him in a headlock doing that knuckling on top of his head that I'd done the last xnxx/ day of school. I said, "Who's your barber, dude... this haircut sucks". Chubby and Robbie are doing the handshake and one arm hug and after I let Dodger go Robbie and I did the same. The guys wanted to go to the food court so we began sauntering down the aisle... Robbie and Chubby talking about last xnxx. night's Red Sox game and Dodger and me behind them, both of us acting like ten year olds. Dodger says, xnxx barat "Oh Dylan... I forgot to give you my new greeting" and he catches my japan xnxx face between his hands and gives xnxx/ me that quick as a flash kiss xnxx selingkuh on the lips, only it wasn't quick as a flash... japan xnxx it lingered for two or three seconds and my eyes were darting around to check-out who was noticing us. There were plenty of people xnxx tamil around, but... as far as xnxx hd I could tell, no one was looking at xnxn Dodger and xnxx app me. Done with the kiss, xnxx sex Dodger goosed my crotch and said, "If you had gotten xnxx stories boned-up from that greeting, xnxx porno I was going to tell on you". He had a boyishly mischievous look on his face, sparkling brown eyes and brilliant white xnxx app teeth... what a remarkable looking boy. The xnxx vina garut xnxx videos fact xxnxx I didn't have a boner from him molesting me for desi xnxx the last two xxnxx minutes is a miracle... I can only attribute the lack of boner action to the fact that Dodger took me so completely by surprise that my dick was caught off guard... and that's a rare occurrence. Without commenting on xxnn his xnxx gay threat to "tell on me" I got my arm around his neck and pulled his head against my face like Willie does to me and, as we continued walking, kissed his cheek for ten seconds... he didn't fight me off at all. Pulling my lips xnxx porno away from his sweet face I said, "We're even now.." and then I sex video said, "Except for this..." and I goosed his crotch and felt his short, hard cock sticking straight up. "I'm telling on you, Dodger, you have a boner"... I said that jokingly, video porno but he was serious when he said, "No. please don't say anything to Robbie, https // Dylan. Please." Very odd reaction... I certainly had no intention of telling anyone anything about our playful act of kissing xnxx tv and groping porn videos each other's crotch... is he nuts? He stayed up against my side even though I'd loosened my hold around his neck. Dodger looked up at me with a flushed face and said matter-of-factly, "Don't tell on me, but I liked that a lot, Dylan. You can do it any time you want to." Good God, I got the hardest boner myself xxx video then. I pushed him away saying, "Don't hold your breath waiting for the next one, Dodger". He said, "You liked it, Dylan... don't lie, and anyway it's my turn next... I owe you one now..." He laughed and added, xnxx teen "and you won't know when it's coming either." He was xnxx sex videos in a very playful mood. I needed to think about this... maybe the long shot has actually come in for real... the one about Dodger being gay for me. I never know xxx xnxx how to read Dodger though... he may still be xnxx movies in that childish ball crunching frame vidio xnxx of mind and, also, there's that age thingie I need to consider too... he isn't even sixteen yet... couple of weeks to go till his birthday. Hmmmm. I rubbed his buzzed head and smiled, thinking sunny leone xnxx ... feels like velvet, what a head of hair... just like Willie's. We split-up at the food court... Dodger went with Robbie to get porno xnxx some sex cinnamon buns and coffee. Chubby and me weren't hungry, but we were thirty after the walk over here so we got a bottle of Snapple to share. I like sharing from the same bottle xnxx asia with Chubby... drinking out of xnxx .com the bottle after he's taking a swig... and then back and forth. We've done that for as long as tamil xnxx I can remember... just like we share the same cigarette xnnn or ice cream cone and, in a pinch, we've even swapped chewing gum back and forth. We use to do that when we were trying to cover-up our cigarette breath last summer... xnxx. you know, when only one of us was xnxx japanese chewing gum. Chubby or I would say, "Let me chew that for a while". It's a sexy thing to do it now... I never thought it was sexy before... not xxx xnxx until Carl showed me I was gay. In the vina garut xnxx old days we just gay xnxx did it without thinking anything about it one way or the other. Robbie and sex videos Dodger brought their buns xnxx 2019 and coffee to our table... as they walked over I thought "oh my God, they are unbelievably cute standing side by side". Dodger is an exact smaller version of Robbie... except he has the brown hair and eyes, Robbie's were blond and blue. As we drank and ate our stuff we goofed around loudly, talking over each other, video porno until a group of six or seven guys and girls showed up to join us. xnxx jav One of the girls was Rita Zintorous... the girl we'd run into at the Dairy Queen that time I got in the fight with babyface. Thunder thighs, the girl who bitched at me when my cigarette smoke drifted her way, wasn't with the group this time. Rita knew both Robbie and Chubby and she alternated flirting with both of them. I didn't know any of the other kids, but I was getting bad vibes from a hostile, good looking Hispanic kid xnxxcom who made some kind of wiseass remark about Dodger and me needing to get a fucking room. I guess he saw porn xnxx us in the aisle earlier... I pretended I didn't hear his comment. Trailor trash Rita says, bokep xnxx "Oh, Jeffrey ya mom xnxx gotta hear this... you too Rob" and she starts telling a joke. Dodger is giving the Hispanic kid the xnxx hd finger under the table... I can see him do it, but xnxx telugu the Hispanic kid can't. I smiled at Dodger and he stuck his pink tongue out at me. Rita's joke went like this... This family man sees an attractive woman waving at him. xxx He goes over to her and real friendly like the woman says "You're the father of one of my sex xnxx kids, I think". 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Dodger wants to show me a tricycle he hopes he gets for Christmas" ... Chubby smiles at me as Rita starts telling another dirty joke. Dodger and me cooly walk xnxx video away... the rest of the group are all ears... listening for trailer trash www xnxx com Rita to say "fuck' again. "What ya wanta do, Dylan?" tamil xnxx Dodger asked. xnxxx I replied, "Get away from that Hispanic kid for starters. How gay xnxx bout you?" Dodger goes, "Let's head down that side hall and I'll show ya something interesting". As we walk down what was actually a dead xxn end hallway Dodger gooses my ass and I'm like, "Yo, give it a rest Dodger. Save it for xxx video the chicks." He gives a sarcastic laugh and says, "Yeah, right!" as he's pushing open a door and I followed him inside a room that looked like a large xxx videos closet for janitor supplies. I almost tripped over one of those big bucket-on-wheels things that have the rollers attached for squeezing a bokep xnxx mop out. 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That was difficult xnxx indo for me to believe, but I took an exaggerated deep breath and said, "OK, what's wrong with them?" Absently ruffling through his sparse pubic hairs with xnxx cina both hands he says, "Oh, I don't know... they feel swollen or something. I'm always concerned about these things. Ya know... I had this scary nightmare that Robbie castrated me by putting desi xnxx a band at the top of my nut sac like they do with animals." He had me thinking again that , Jesus, this kid is a handful. I said, "A rubber band?... what the xvideos fuck are you talking about?" He explained that there are lots of stories concerning human castration on and he'd been reading some of xnxx barat them before he went to sleep the night of his scary castration dream. He added, "But that don't have nothing xnxx tv to do with my swollen balls, Dylan... so don't get hung-up with that." I'm like, "What? Huh? Why xnxx tamil were you reading about castrations? What's Nifty?" and he says, "Forget about all that for Christ sake... feel those two big things swinging between my legs... tell me what ya think. OK?" After another pretend aggravated deep breath I reach over and flicked up his nuts with my index finger, then rolled each nut between by thumb and index finger. They were pretty big alright... bigger then mind anyway, but they weren't swollen. free porn Dodger goes, "One's swollen more than the indian xnxx other". I wasn't paying much attention to what Dodger was saying by www xnxx com now because I was so fascinated with his private parts. I cupped his scrotum in the palm of my hand and the package felt kind of heavy. Dodger let xnxx sex videos out a long breath and then got both his hands behind my neck, like he's done in my half bath, and pulled my head down so that his face was next to mine. His scrotum was kind xnnn of beautiful in it's simplicity... the softness, yet firmness was remarkable. That scar like line running up the middle was so thin it looked like it was drawn onto the outside of his pink, hairless xnxxx scrotum sac. I let my finger feel under his nuts, down xnxx sex near his hole... his ass crack was xxx videos totally hairless. It all looked new... like it'd just been made. "Squeeze them just a little Dylan, see xnxx telugu if they feel right" his lips were wet near my ear. While I xnxx porn thought about that request, he lightly rubbed his nose back and forth against my cheek and I could hear him do an inhale, then say, "I love the way your skin smells. Ah, Dylan... would ya? Please. Squeeze my balls." Knowing very well that I should xnxx arab put a stop to this nonsense immediately, I squeezed xnxx japan his balls anyway. With his wet lips against my ear he whispered, "Harder... squeeze them harder". The tip of his tongue... that same perfect pink tongue he'd stuck out to me xnxx anime at xxn the table ten xnxx gay minutes ago, was inside my xnxx bokep ear. Jesus!... as I was squeezing his nuts xnxx barat harder my cock started to get harder too. Dodger groaned in pain, but still said, "Harder"... I gave a big squeeze this time and Dodger muffled a cry against the side of my face as he went up on his toes tightening his arms around my neck. I looked down xxx videos at the perfect sized calf muscles that popped out when he stood on his toes. Beautifully free porn shaped boy's legs with the slightest bit of light hair on the lower third of his legs. Taking a gulping swallow I tried to get my mind to work. Dodger's wet lips were against my cheek and then xnxx sex videos I felt his tongue licking there like a cat licks milk in a bowl... real fast. I couldn't catch my breath... his boyish odor and the feel sunny leone xnxx xnxx mom of his balls were overwhelming my senses. He groaned out, "One more time... just like the xnxx movies last squeeze". I could see his cock fairly www.xnxx boned up by now as it partially lay on my wrist. I squeezed his nuts even harder then the last time. My boner was pushing my flimsy nylon basketball shorts way out in front, but Dodger's xnxx indo eyes were against the side of my face so he didn't see that. When I gave that hard squeeze he hissed saliva through his teeth in pain. The wetness on my cheek began to drool down as Dodger groaned out-loud, "Ahhh, that hurt!" ... precum drooled from his pee slit. "Oh oh oh... that hurt, but it hurt so good, Dylan". He took three big inhales and asked, "Do my balls feel good to xnxx videos you?" When I didn't reply, he added, " I mom xnxx mean, do they feel OK to you?... japanese xnxx like balls should feel, I mean. You know." When I tried to say "Yeah, xnxx porn they seem normal" it came out as a wet clicking sound in my throat so I followed up with a xnx squeaked out "Yeah... they're OK". Then he wanted me nxxn to pull the foreskin back off his cock head and "see how the sores looked." Most of free porn the foreskin was already off the head because he had his full four-and-a-half-inch boner now... wet from xnnn the precum. I was in way over my head with this sex play already so I figured... "fuck it" and xnxx korea I took a big breath myself and then grabbed hold of his penis and pulled the foreskin the xnxx arab final quarter inch off the head of his boner. No sores at all... but oh my God, that xnxx mom was one perfect xnxxcom looking cock. Real pink on the shaft, and rosy pink on the head... I wanted zoo xnxx that in my mouth xnxx anime so bad, but I was determined to resist... I just had wwwxnxx to use some willpower. For the love of desi xnxx God... at least...please! let me resist sucking him off. By now it seemed perfectly normal that Dodger had his xxnn arms wrapped around my neck and his face against mine... mostly I was fixated on his cock and balls. video xnxx He said, "There aren't sores now, but if you push and pull the skin on and off the head you'll see them form... go ahead and you'll see. OK Dylan? Go ahead..." In a trance I... well, basically, I was jerking him off, is what I was doing. His shortened foreskin moved on and off his dick's head and it got shinier and slightly enlarged the longer I did it. I was hypnotized watching that gorgeous penis get harder and harder... xnxx and wetter porn and wetter. The head of my cock was wet by now too. Dodger was making low humming sounds until, just like that... he moved his head so xxxx our xnxx indian mouths were together. It was surreal and I felt faint... actually faint, but in a good way too. I wouldn't open my mouth so Dodger pushed his yummy tongue against my front teeth and licked back and forth on my teeth and gums forcing my top lip and then bottom lip to stand out like they were swollen as his tongue travelled underneath them. When Dodger started doing small humps with his hips I picked up the speed of my stroking and he started sucking my top lip with both xnxx indonesia of his... then included a lot of tongue action with the sucking. It certainly was sexy and hot but not smooth and practiced liked Willie's make-out technique was. Dodger's was wild and hungry and rough... like he had xnxx india only a short time to do a great many things to my face and lips. Dodger's www xnxx body was moving more now... the movements making it awkward to keep a rhythm to my stroking xnxx asia so I grabbed his right buttock's and took a handful. My thumb went in his crack accidentally and he moved his other leg back which closed his ass cheek on my thumb. 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I let go of Dodger's neck and pulled my shorts porn xnxx down just ten seconds before Dodger xnxx tv pointed my hard, hard boner at the mop in the bucket and I fired my load xvideo into it... right next to where his cum had landed. "Hot shit, Dylan... nice load, dude." He stroked me for another thirty seconds and then licked my cum off his hand with big laps from that perfect pink tongue. I was thinking, "Oh my God, that tongue was in my mouth just a minute or so ago. I felt exhausted, weak, embarrassed, used... you name it, but above everything else I felt sexy. Dodger was so hot very few gay boys, or gay men of any age, would say no to indian xnxx him... and he'd chosen me. To back up my premise that I was his chosen one Dodger leans next to me again... this time to whisper in my spit saturated ear... his voice sounded like we were in an echo chamber, sex xnxx "I've got the world's biggest crush on you Dylan... bigger xnnx than any boy ever had for any other boy." and he kissed me on the mouth. I felt helpless... I couldn't keep up with him. What a cute face though... I ran my hand over his buzzed hair and mumbled out some words, in between trying xnxx stories to catch my breath, "I've read that some teens.... huff huff.....ya know...huff huff...ah... get lots of crushes on other teens...oh oh...huff.... so the one you have for me probably porn won't last long"...big inhale, feeling dizzy now. He xnxx bokep said, "Don't sound so grown-up! You're xnxx download not even two years older than me. Don't you xnxxx have a crush on me... just a little one?" I smiled now and mumbled, "It don't seem to xxnn matter if I do or not... you do anything you want to do to me anyway." He accepted that evasive reply fine, laughing and calling me a liar... "You have a crush on me too... I'll bet you xnxx movies do, Dylan. Hey, next time can we suck each xxnx other off? Ya think?" Oh man, I need xnxx jepang to think about that. So xnxn far I think I'm OK. Hand job and a few kisses. Damn, how fucking much willpower am I going to need around Dodger in the future though? Holy shit... this is so cool and so sex xnxx hot, but scary too. After xnxx indian pulling xnxx teen up our shorts, we peeked out the door to be sure no one was in sight and then walked down to the man's lavatory to wash up a little. Dodger was euphoric, "That was the most awesome thing ever, Dylan. I told ya before... you are the coolest dude I ever met. Wasn't that the hottest thing ever, Dylan?" I'm like trying to porno play it down, "Oh for Christ sake, Dodger... lots of xnxx hot guys jerk-off a friend once or twice in their www xnxx com life. Now, I will admit the kissing was a bit unusual... what, are you some kind of fag or something?" That calmed Dodger down some and he got serious saying, "Hey, don't be mean Dylan. You've never been mean... I'm gay. You're the only xnxx person I ever told that to. Be nice to me, OK?" Jeez, he comes right out with xnx everything. God damn, this is awkward as hell, but now I know he's not just doing immature ball crunches... he's seriously gay. I go, "Oh man, I'm just teasing you Dodger. I think your fabulous straight or gay... I'm sorry I hurt your feelings". He perked up then and xnxx cina said, "OK, that's better... you're too nice to be mean to me, but maybe we need to give this subject a rest for now?" I was impressed that Dodger xnxx download could see we'd worked this over enough for the time being. 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I don't know that it would...ya know, because there's Willie now, and there's the little fact that I'm in love with Chubby site xnxx and... I just don't know. As I drifted off to sleep I thought about the look and feel xnxx japanese of Dodger's scrotum... to be continued..... Donny Mumford